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Terms and Conditions



Working with an insured home cleaning company, like Quality Cleaning Services is very important. This ensures you are will not be held responsible in case something happens in your home. For example if you hire an uninsured person to clean your home and they get injured on the job, they can sue you. That does not guarantee they will win, or that you will lose lots of money. It does guarantee that it will be a major headache that you probably do not have the time or patience to deal with. It might cost you money to fight it, and in the end you could potentially have to pay the person money.

If you were to hire a company that is insured, you will not have to worry about this, because insured companies have plans set in place to take care of all the monetary issues that go with an injured worker. Being insured also covers you if your house cleaner breaks something accidentally. Once, a cleaner of ours knocked over a client’s vase while cleaning, it was a complete accident, but accidents do occur. Luckily it was not an expensive vase, and the customer didn’t care, but if it had been, our insurance would cover the cost of replacing that item.

Quality Cleaning Services is bonded and insured, We guarantee our work too.


Definition: A guarantee of performance required, either by law or consumer demand, for many businesses, most typically general contractors, temporary personnel agencies, janitorial companies and businesses with government contracts.

Sometimes confused with insurance, bonding helps ensure that the job you've been hired to do is performed and that the customer is protected against losses from theft or damage done by your employees. The most common businesses that bond employees are general contractors, temporary personnel agencies, janitorial companies and companies with government contracts.

Although you still have to pay on claims if your employees are bonded, bonding has the side benefit of making your business more desirable to customers. They know that if they suffer a loss as the result of your work, they can recover the damages from the bonding company. The difference between a bond and insurance is that a bonding company ensures your payment by requiring security or collateral if a claim is made against you.

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